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Puretec Inline Undersink Filter System With LED Faucet Capacity 38,000 Litres

Product Code CR-Z2
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Brand Puretec

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Product Description

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The Puretec CR-Z2 is a compact system designed specifically for applications where there is limited under-bench space; perfect for caravans and RVs. It compact design makes it easier to install where space is limited, installs very easily & mounts horizontally or vertically so no shelf cutouts are required. The CR-Z2 features Z Plus Filtration Technology through an advanced 3 stage filtration process; filtering down to 1 micron* removing chlorine, chemical, sediment, rust, and algae - helping to ensure you only get healthy, great-tasting water on tap, wherever you go. It features an LED filter tap that turns from blue to red when the filter cartridge needs replacing.


Compact design makes it perfect for caravan/RV installations or where space is limited.

Connects to 12 mm tubing. 

Specifically designed for mains, rain, harsh and rural water supply. 

Sediment, dirt, rust and other particles filtered down to 1 micron*. 

Provides pure, safe, filtered water, free of chlorine. 

Use anti-bacterial beads to inhibit bacterial growth within the system. 

Incorporates Anti-scaling protection. 

With the introduction of Z Plus Technology, this Z2 cartridge has the ability to inhibit bacterial growth. 

Dedicated filter tap & standard caravan/RV fittings included. 

Valve-in-head means a DIY, no-mess filter change. 

  Quick and easy installation. Mounts horizontally or vertically - no shelf cutouts required. 

LED light that turns from blue to red when the filter needs replacing.



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Replacement Cartridge(s)


Flow Rate

5 Lpm

Min/Max Temperature

0 - 38°C (protect from freezing)

Min/Max Pressure

200 - 520 kPa

Micron Rating

1 micron*


38,000 litres


10 years


The product image shown is for illustration purpose only