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Primer Red 250Ml/500Ml

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Product Description


PVC Priming Fluid is a solvent-based product specifically formulated to clean & Prime PVC-U pipe and fittings. WaterMark certified and also suitable for potable drinking water applications AS/NZS 4020. No mixing required and ready to use. Applications PVC Priming Fluid is ideal to prime PVC pipe prior to application of PVC Pipe Cements for all installations of plumbing, electrical, sewerage, drainage and stormwater applications.


  1. Priming fluids shall be used to prepare the jointing surface prior to the solvent cement application.
  2. Ensure pipe is cut square and remove burrs.
  3. To ensure correct assembly of joint, mark pipe at a distance equal to full socket depth.
  4. Test joint for a dry fit.
  5. Ensure the pipes and fittings are clean and dry, by removing any moisture or dirt with a clean rag prior to applying a primer or pipe cement.
  6. Clean pipe and inside of socket using a clean cloth freshly moistened with Soudal Priming Fluid. This is essential to ensure a satisfactory bond.

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