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Oase Filtral 3000/6000 UVC

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Brand Oase

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Product Description


Oase Filtral 3000 UVC

A versatile and flexible filter and pump solution, the Oase Filtral 3000 UVC is an effective and functional filter unit that is durable, hardy, and reliable, chock full of features while being extremely easy to install and operate.

Oase Filtral 6000 UVC

The Oase Filtral 6000 filter unit combines the functionality of a pump, filter, and UVC and offers you three-dimensional services and multi-feature solutions. It is the perfect embellishment for any ponds in your garden or yard.

Give even the smallest ponds the full OASE clear water treatment with an Oase Filtral 6000 UVC. This innovative and complete system that is completely submergible in your pond, leaving only an attractive fountain display and clean water to mark its' presence - an advantage over the traditional separate pump, UV and filter systems in smaller gardens.

Each Oase Filtral 6000 UVC features a 11 watt UV clarifier that sterilizes the water, causing algae particles to clump together. This means that when the water passes through the mechanical and biological filter media, the algae is large enough to be captured, and then broken down by the healthy bacteria living within it, leaving you with crystal clear water.

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