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Puretec IMB50 Water Filter System Manual Backwash 2"Connection 89Um 216 Lpm

Product Code IMB50
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Brand Puretec

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Product Description


Puretec IMB50 is an innovative filter with a patented system of cleaning composed by two different actions: brushing of the filtering cartridge and high speed discharge. This method allows an efficient and thorough cleaning both of the filtering cartridge and the filter bowl. The cleaning is started by rotating clockwise the upper green knob: this movement activates, at each click, the brushing system and the opening of the discharge valve which creates a high speed tangential flow which removes impurities accumulated in the filter bowl.

Brass head means it tough and resistant to mechanical shear stresses.
Stainless steel net filtering surface is resistant to mechanical shock and pressure gradients.
Cleaning brushes are equipped with Silver to inhibit bacterial growth.
Easy to use large turn and click knob to engage backwash function

Ordering Code IMB50
Micron Rating 89
Connection 2
Flow Rate 200 Lpm
Maximum Flow Rate 216 Lpm
Min/Max Pressure 150 - 1,600 kPa
Operating Temperature 0 - 30°C (32 - 86°F)
Power Supply not needed
Warranty 1 year

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