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Puretec IAB25 Intelligent Auto Backwash Water Filter System 25/32/40/50MM

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Brand Puretec

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Product Description


Manual override to backwash on demand at any time.

Stainless steel net filtering surface is resistant to mechanical shock and pressure gradients.

Cleaning brushes to dislodge sediment from the screen during the backwash cycle.

Simple initial set up.

Set and forget cycles.

Brass head means it tough and resistant to mechanical shear stresses.

Heavy duty discharge valve.

Standard 89um screen.

2 dry contacts.

Compatible with WTV5092 differential switch.





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Micron Rating




Flow Rate 25MM

96 Lpm

Flow Rate 32MM 110 LPM

Flow Rate 40MM

150 Lpm
Flow Rate 50MM 180 Lpm

Min/Max Pressure

150 - 1,000 kPa

Min/Max Water Temperature

0 - 30°C (32 - 86°F) Protect from freezing

Min/Max Ambient Temperature

0 - 40°C (32 - 104°F) Protect from freezing

Power Supply

230V / 50 Hz


1 year^


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