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Dab 805130 Alarm/Control Panel And Protection Up To 2.2 KW @ 240V / 5.5 KW@ 415V

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Brand Dab Pumps

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Product Description


EBOXPLUS-D is an electronic control panel for the protection and automatic operation of one or two submersible pumps or pressurizing both single-phase and three-phase, installed in domestic, civil and industrial environments. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the current, EBOXPLUS-D is compatible with all models of pumps with a current between 1 and 12A and up to power ratings of 2.2 kw at 240V and 5.5 kw at 415V.
Technical Specifications
Brand DAB Pumps
Ideal for piloting the pumping stations of filling / emptying the drainage of rainwater or waste water in general.
  • Operation with bulb floats or standard, max 5 (2/3 for operation, 2 for alarm)
  • Operation with level trasducer (0-10V / 4...20mA)
  • Exchange of the starting order of the pumps at every start, every 24 hours or at predefined intervals.
  • E.box is an electronic control panel that provides all the functions and protections required for the installation of a pumping set for draining, filling, and pressurisation purposes.

    E.BOX PLUS is an electric control panel for automatic protection and operation of one or more submersible electric pumps or pressure booster pumps, both single and three phase, for domestic, civil, and industrial applications. Thanks to the current regulation possibility, the e.box control panel is compatible with all pump models with current between 1 and 12 A, with power up to 5,5 kW.\


    Supplied in an IP 55 protection class self-extinguishing thermoplastic material box, the control panel protects the electric pumps from abnormal conditions such as: overload and overtemperature (with automatic reset), short circuit (with fuses - Plus model only), pump current surges (amperometric protection), abnormal voltage, dry run, quick starts, pressure sensor fault, or inconsistency of the external protection commands.\

    • General disconnector with padlockable door lock.
    • AUT-0-MAN operation selection pushbuttons.
    • Alarm RESET pushbutton.
    • Operation, stop, alarm notification lamps.
    • 3" Display facilitates monitoring of pumps and sensors and the setting of levels of star/stop of the pumps
    • Electronic control card with protection fuses and contactors.
    • Power input connection terminals, single phase (L-N in the Basic version), or three phase (L1-L2-L3 in the Plus version).
    • Electric pump connection terminals, single phase (L-N in the BASIC version), or three phase (L1-L2-L3 in the PLUS version).
    • Terminals for the connection of pressure switches, sensors, KK thermal protection, alarm notification N.O. contacts. Operation selection dip switch:
      level floats or sensor, tank filling and emptying, operation with one or two pumps also for the version with display.
    • During the first installation, provides step by step guidance in the selection of the correct settings based on the actual application.
    • Makes the status of the control panel and the pumps clearly and immediately visible.
    • When compared to the previous model, makes it easier to change the level settings, as operation of the control panel dip switch is no longer required

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