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Chemigem Pool Water Management System Single/Dual Valve CM55V/CM55PP

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Brand Chemigem

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Product Description


Fully-automated Water Management System for Commercial Applications

Since 1980 the Chemigem CM55 has been safely and effectively managing pool water sanitation in larger commercial swimming pools and aquatic facilities. The Chemigem CM55 is a fully automated water management system suitable for commercial applications of all shapes and sizes. Health regulations require water chemistry in public aquatic facilities to be automated and the Chemigem CM55 provides a reliable cost effective solution for these installations.

Pool Controls is proud to offer a twelve month warranty on CM55 units and spare parts used in commercial and semi-commercial applications.

Chemicals are precisely dosed via either highly-efficient solenoid valves or commercial-sized D1500 peristaltic dosing pumps. You can purchase a Chemigem CM55 Complete, which includes a pair of D1500 dosing pumps and a commercial injection valve or the components of the Chemigem CM55 can be purchased separately

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