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Puretec Carbon Filtration System Auto Backwash Service Flow 30/40/60 Lpm

Product Code CFS2000
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Brand Puretec

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Product Description

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Puretec CFS2000 Carbon filtration systems provide beautiful, great tasting water for the most fastidious, leaving beneficial vital minerals to assist in a healthy life. 

Puretec CFS2000 units are used in the domestic, commercial and industrial fields and are effective in special situations such as reduction of trace heavy metals. The Puretec CFS system reduces chlorine, taste, odour and sediment by adsorbing it through the filtration bed. 

Removes chlorine from your water to protect your products and equipments. 

Chlorine leads to poor taste in applications such as beverage manufacturing. Sensitive equipments including Reverse Osmosis membranes can be permanently damaged by chlorine resulting in costly replacements.



Reduces taste, odour and chemicals in your water. 

Automatic backwash set and forget. 

Stores system configuration and operation data in non-volatile memory.

Solid-state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings.

Front panel display for time of day and days until next regeneration.

Flexible programming options.

Weather resistant cover for controller.

Weatherproof transformer.




Ordering Code



Automatic E1-matic

Flow Rate

30/40/80 Lpm

Maximum Flow Rate

80 Lpm


1 Male BSPT, ¾ Drain

Min/Max Pressure

140 - 860 kPa

Operating Temperature

4 - 43°C (40 - 110°F)

Power Supply

230V AC / 50 Hz


1 year^

Replacement Media Kits



WTV5090 - Microswitch for automation of external equipment.


WTV5000 - Bypass assembly for testing, and maintenance.


WTV5092 - Differential pressure switch for load based backwashing.


The product image shown is for illustration purpose only