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Articulated Riser 20mm X 200mm/300mm

Product Code SPRFAR20200
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Brand Sprinklerpros

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Product Description


Do you want to be sure that when a sprinkler has heavy equipment rolling over the top it can be easily readjusted to the correct grade? Presenting the perfect solution €š¬‚¬� the 20MM X 200MM Articulated Riser, aka  the swingarm. It the way to easily install sprinklers to their proper height and position in mere seconds. This is an innovative product you wont want to pass up!

This pre-made articulated riser is designed specifically for use with pop up sprinklers. Connect pop-ups to PVC fittings with these articulated risers so you can adjust the height and angle of your sprinkler. Also, it gives it to joint the flexibility to move in case the pop up accidentally gets pushed or run over by a vehicle where otherwise the fittings below would crack and be difficult to repair.

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