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Amgrow Eraze Fast Weed Killer Gyphosate Free 750ml

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Brand Amgrow

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Product Description

Eraze Fast is a glyphosate free product, used to eradicate annual weeds and
perennial weeds in gardens, pathways, driveways and around sheds. Also
used for spot spraying in lawns and turf.

Eraze Fast can also be used on algae, lichen, liverwort and moss.

Spray to completely cover weed or plant surface.

Perennial weed species may require repeated applications to obtain long term control.

Designed to keep soil healthy and maintain your garden, it is safe for use even when children or pets are in the area.  Simple spray liberally onto unwanted plants, ensuring complete coverage, to the point of run-off. The formulation starts dehydrating the plant to ultimately kill it. Within one hour of application, you’ll see weeds begin to wilt and go off colour, indicating Eraze Fast has started to work.

Active Ingredients: 90g/L Acetic Acid, 9g/L Sufamic Acid

Eraze Fast is a powerful alternative to glyphosate based weed killers

  • Made from all natural ingredients, Weed Terminator is designed to work on all types of weeds and grasses, it is safe for people and animals.
  • 1 Hour Visible Action, Contains No Glyphosate
  • Kills Weeds & Grasses
  • Suitable for all Public Areas
  • Non-toxic & Food Safe People & Pet Friendly, Natural Ingredients
  • Australian Made
  • Fast & Long Lasting