Different varieties of grass have different strengths and weaknesses. If you are in the market for new turf, here are the factors to consider:


Shade is a critical factor to consider. If your garden receives full sunlight, you can go grow all types of lawn. However many houses these days cast a shade over the lawn area and this will affect grass growth.

Grass varieties like Santa Ana Couch and Kikuyu, thrive only in full sun conditions. If they are located in a shaded area, the lawn will look depleted and no amount of water and fertiliser can help with growth.

Tall Fescue can tolerate up to 70% shade. What this means is that, if there is sunlight for 10 hours a day, the lawn can be under shade for 7 hours. It will still require 3 hours of sunlight for growth.

Kings Pride Buffalo has the best shade tolerance and can tolerate up to 80% shade.

Shade Fescue Blend Lawn Seed is specifically designed to produce a lawn capable of withstanding limited sunlight.


Lawns are usually judged by their colour.

Santa Ana Couch is a light green during the warmer months and browns very quickly as it gets colder. It’s best to allow Couch to grow to its maximum length during winter to maintain its colour & vigour for as long as possible.

Kikuyu is bright green in summer and turns pale green/yellow during winter. Couch & Kikuyu can be over-sown with Ryegrass during dormancy to improve colour and activity.

Kings Pride Buffalo is usually evergreen throughout the year, but there have been instances where it loses colour in the colder months.

Tall Fescue is a premium grass with a vibrant dark green colour all year round.

The premium Royal Bengal Couch Grass is a very dark green and possesses excellent colour retention during the cooler months, and is perfect for lawns that experience mild winters.